Top five choral pieces from 2014


2014's Top Choral PiecesI think a list of the best selling pieces by a composer can be quite useful to conductors and performers. Why? Because the list is tried and true. All the pieces on such a list have been of sufficient interest to people to prompt purchases and performances.

Here are my top five best selling choral pieces from 2014.

1. My piece, “My Prayer,” for a cappella TTBB choir.
2. My spiritual, “Soon One Day,” for a cappella SATB choir.
3. My second coming spiritual, “Are You Ready?,” for a cappella SATB (div.) choir.
4. My arrangement of “Away In A Manger,” (using the tune, cradle song) for SATB choir and piano.
5. My choral blessing, “The Lord Bless You,” for a cappella SATB choir.



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