Soon One Day


In the Spring of 2009 I was taking some time to work on composition projects. I had contact with a friend from college, Katrina Koch, who was leading choirs at Indiana Academy (a private Seventh Day Adventist high school). She asked if I was still composing, I emailed back a yes. She mentioned looking at one of my pieces. Inspired, I experimented, prayed, and developed “Soon One Day” in two or three focused days. I wrote the words and piece with certain constraints in mind: glory to God first (which is always the aim I strive for); accessibility in range, tessitura, and vocal demand for teenage voices, yet have challenge, interest, and appeal for more mature voices and advanced choirs; SATB without divisi; melodic focus with basses often carrying the melody. I told her about the piece and offered for her to look at it and perform it if she wished and it was accessible to her group of developing singers. She liked the piece and so I sent it to her with this dedication: for Katrina Koch and the Indiana Academy Choir.

In 2012, Bonnie Klee Roberts, and the Naperville Men’s Chorus of Illinois, commissioned a TTBB version of “Soon One Day” to be used in their then upcoming 25th anniversary concert. The TTBB version was premiered in a joint effort University of Illinois Varsity Men’s Glee Club, Dr. Barrington Coleman conducting as a finale to the celebration of the NMGC organization.

For me, “Soon One Day” has been blessing in both SATB and TTBB versions. They are expressions of my faith and desire for the soon return of Jesus, and hopefully will be a blessing to you also.

Here is a recording of a performance by Andrews University I Cantori, November, 2011 (SATB version).

to God alone all glory is given


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