We’re Going Home

We’re Going Home (2010)

Andrews University I Cantori November, 2011

We re Going Home Perusal (PDF) (please feel free to print a complimentary copy for perusal)

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Voicing: SATB (with divisi)
Categories: *General*
Accompanied (Keyboard
Medium-Hard difficulty

We’re Going Home is a choral setting of my brother Matthew Sandvik’s beautiful poem, “The Blessed Hope”. The music is meant to serve the text. It paints a picture in words and sound of the joy and hope of Jesus’ second coming to put an end to sin and take faithful humanity to heaven with Him. It builds to a grand climax on the words “we’re going home” (meaning heaven of course), and then settles down into a peaceful reflection.

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Text (“The Blessed Hope”, by Matthew Sandvik)

The Lord is coming in His glory
It’s time to tell the wondrous story
The trumpet sound
The earth around
The dead will rise
‘long with the wise

Hearts will be full of joy
The devil no more to annoy
The angels take us to the Lord
We join and sing the majestic chord
We’re going home
We’re going home

To be there on that day please say
I give my life to you and may
I be with you forever

-to God alone all glory is given-