Website Improvements


Balancing composing, teaching, conducting, and marketing my music with family, health, church, etc… takes planning and focus.

With my time spread between many important parts of my life, I have taken a simple philosophy for building up this website and marketing my music. It is this: make regular and consistent small improvements that add up to a strong presentation over time.

Here is what the consistent improvements have currently put on the website:

* 33 scores available for purchase.
* A description page for every available score.
* 12 scores with available demo recordingsrecordings.
* A functioning blog with enabled comments.
* A contact page.

Most recently, an automated purchasing system for the available music. This greatly increases the efficiency of the purchasing experience, while remaining equally secure. Replacing the old ordering system is a store with a cart and checkout. You can now decide to purchase a score, and in just a few minutes be rehearsing it. I am very excited about this improvement and would like to invite you to check out the new store. (Click the top menu tab that says store.)

Thank you all for your interest in this website. It will continue to grow and improve on a consistent basis. I’m happy with what has been developed so far, and am looking forwsrd for what is yet to come.

I hope you all find the site increasingly efficient and intuitive to use. Even more I pray my music will be a blessing to you.


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