Three SATB repertoire suggestions for after the holidays


set me as a seal page 3 1st systemHello choral colleagues! I hope everyone has had great holiday programs.

Although I do significant repertoire planning for the whole music year by September, about this time each year, I again take a look at some repertoire for my choirs.

For those of you who do the same here are three suggestions from my pieces that may be great fits for your choirs!

Some of you are already familiar with these pieces, but I invite you to take a look and listen again!

#1 Are You Ready?

For advanced choirs, this is an uplifting and joyous Spiritual that can really bring the house down.

Click here to look at the score: Are you Ready Perusal

#2 Set Me As A Seal

Here is an accessible and lovely unaccompanied setting of the famous Song of Solomon text.

Click here to look at the score: Set Me As A Seal Perusal

#3 Sing Our Praise To God

Exciting and jubilant, this piece is accessible and has been quite popular with choirs in past performances.

Click here to look at the score: Sing Our Praise to God Perusal

I hope you all find these pieces enjoyable and a blessing!

Merry Christmas and may God bless you all!
Michael Sandvik


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