The Blessed Hope

The Blessed Hope (arranged 2007)

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Voicing: SATB (no divisi)
Categories: *Spirituals*
A cappella
Medium difficulty
This is a choral arrangement of Dwane Street’s well known setting Annie R. Smith’s famous poem “The Blessed Hope”. The music is true to the tune’s roots as a second advent spiritual and is relatively simple. The piece starts small with a treble solo (turned duet) and builds to triumphant harmonized canon sections on the final verses, stressing the joy of the hope of the soon return of Jesus Christ. “The Blessed Hope” is a great piece to use in a worship or concert setting.

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Text (by Annie R. Smith)

I saw one weary, sad, and torn,
with eager steps press on the way,
who long the hallowed cross had borne,
still looking for the promised day;
while many a line of grief and care,
Upon his brow was furrowed there,
I asked what buoyed his spirits up,
“O This!” said he “the blessed hope.”

And one I saw, with sword and shield,
who boldly braved the world’s cold frown,
And fought, unyielding, on the field,
To win an everlasting crown.
Though worn with toil, oppressed by foes,
No murmur from his heart arose;
I asked what buoyed his spirits up,
“O This!” said he “the blessed hope.”

And there was one who left behind
The cherished friends of early years,
And honor, pleasure, wealth resigned,
To tread the path bedewed with tears.
Through trials deep and conflicts sore,
Yet still a smile of joy he wore;
I asked what buoyed his spirits up,
“O This!” said he “the blessed hope.”

While pilgrims here we journey on
In this dark vale of sin and gloom,
Through tribulation, hate, and scorn,
Or through the portals of the tomb,
Till our returning King shall come
to take his exile captives home,
O! What can buoy the spirits up?
Tis this alone the blessed hope.

-to God alone all glory is given-