Sanctus and Alleluia (from The Life Of Christ #1)

Sanctus and Alleluia (from The Life of Christ #1) (2003)

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Voicing: SSATTB
Categories: The Life of Christ
A cappella
Medium difficulty
“Sanctus and Alleluia” depicts the throne room of God, where the plan of salvation for mankind was created. The call of “holy, holy, holy” is based on the calls of worship by the cherubim. In six parts, with canonic writing in the opening section, the opening is meant to be awe-inspiring and glorious. The “Alleluia” section is pure joy, a celebration of God’s love for humanity. It features mixed meter and builds throughout. It has been much loved by singers and audiences alike.

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Text (based on Isaiah 6:3 and Revelation4:8)

Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God of hosts.
Heaven and earth testify of Thy glory.

-to God alone all glory is given-