In Heaven There Are Mansions

In Heaven There Are Mansions (2012)

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Voicing: SATB (no divisi)
Categories: General
A cappella
Medium difficulty
“In Heaven There Are Mansions” depicts the hope of the Christian, and why each person should choose life. The climax point of the piece builds to the words “the cross”, for that is the central point of victory for the Christian.

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Text (by Michael Sandvik)

In heaven there are mansions
each made of pure gold,
Jesus made the fine designs
that never will grow old.

Jesus said, “because I’ve gone
to prepare a place for you,
I’m coming back to take you home,
but it’s left for you to choose.”

Choose life, not death, my pilgrim friend,
the gift is freely given,
for on the cross he paid the price
so we can go to heaven.

-to God alone all glory is given-