The Life Of Christ

The Life Of Christ

“The Life Of Christ” is a fifteen piece a cappella choral work that follows the story of Jesus of Nazareth’s life, death, and resurrection. The work is anchored around three  statements of praise on the word “Alleluia” (which means “praise Yahweh/Jehovah”). Although the work is not yet completed, individual pieces may be purchased. After the list of pieces, further explanation of the work follows.


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Sanctus And Alleluia (#1) {SSATTB} 

Magnificat (#2) {SSAA} *Christmas*

Glory To God In The Highest (#3) {SSATTB} *Christmas

Behold The Lamb Of God (#4) {SATB}
For God So Loved The World (#5) {SATB}
I Am The Good Shepherd (from (#6) {SATB}
The Lord’s Prayer (#7) {SATB} *Prayer*
Alleluia (#8) {SATB}
Hosanna To The Son of David (#9) {SATB}
Golgotha (#11) {SATB}
Blessed Are They That Mourn (#12) {SATB}
Greater Love Hath No Man Than This (#13){SATB}
The Great Commission (#15) {SATB}

The work divides into the following sections:

* The throne room of God before the incarnation, where the great plan to save man was conceived. Piece 1: “Sanctus And Alleluia”
* The annunciation and incarnation. Piece 2: Magnificat
* The Birth of Jesus. Piece 3: Glory To God In The Highest
* The baptism and anointing of Jesus. Piece 4: Behold The Lamb Of God
* Teachings and ministry of Jesus. Pieces 5 to 8: “For God So Loved The World,” “I Am The Good Shepherd,” “The Lord’s Prayer,” and “Alleluia”
* The Triumphal Entry (start of the Passion week). Piece 9: Hosanna to the Son of David
* The struggle in the garden. Piece 10: Gethsemane (not complete yet)
* The crucifixion. Pieces 11 to 13: “Golgotha,” “Blessed Are They That Mourn,” and “Greater Love Hath No Man Than This”
* The resurrection. Piece 14: (not complete)
* The great commission, promise to return, and ascension. Piece 15: The Great Commission