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*** Prayer And Answer {SATB} ***

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*** Set Me As A Seal {SATB} ***

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*** Soon One Day {SATB} ***

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Alphabetical List

A Choral Prayer *Prayer* *Service* {SATB} 

A Savior Is Born Today *Christmas* {SATB} 

Alleluia *General* {SATB}: written for beginning SATB choirs 

Alleluia (from The Life Of Christ #8) {SATB}
Angels We Have Heard On High {Unison/Children}
Are You Ready? *Spirituals* {SATB} Purchase here
Away In A Manger (arranged) *Christmas* {SATB} 

Behold The Lamb Of God (from The Life Of Christ #4) {SATB}
Blessed Are They That Mourn (from The Life Of Christ #12) {SATB}
Come And Lead Me *Prayer* {SATB} 

Come Forth With Songs Of Joy *Service

Come Holy Lamb Of God *Prayer* *Service* {SATB} 

Crucifixus *General* {SSA}{TTB}
Crucifixus et resurrexit *General* {SSAA}{TTBB}
For God So Loved The World (from The Life Of Christ #5) {SATB}
Glory *General* {SATB} 

Glory To God In The Highest (from The Life Of Christ #3) *Christmas* {SATB} 

Golgotha (from The Life Of Christ #11) {SATB}
Greater Love Hath No Man Than This (from The Life Of Christ #13) *Love* {SATB}
Hold On For A While *General* {SATB} 

Hosanna To The Son of David (from The Life Of Christ #9) {SATB}
I Am The Good Shepherd (from (from The Life Of Christ #6) {SATB}
I Gotta Sing *Spirituals* {SATB}
In Heaven There Are Mansions *General* {SATB} 

Jesus Be My Lord And Savior *Prayer* *Service* {SATB} 

Jesus Came To This Dark Old World *Spirituals* {SATB}
Keep Yourselves In The Love Of God *Service* {SATB}
Lift Up The Trumpet (original) *Spirituals* {unison}
Lift Up The Trumpet (arranged) *Spirituals* {TTBB}
Lord Have Mercy *Prayer* *Service* {SATB} 

Magnificat (from The Life Of Christ #2) *Christmas* {SSAA} 

May God’s Grace Go With You *Service* {SATB}
My Lord What A Morning (arranged) *Spirituals* {SATB} 

My Peace I Give Unto You *Service* *Scripture* {SATB} 

My Prayer [Prayer] {TTBB} Purchase here at:
Oh Lord Consecrate Our Hearts *Prayer* *Service* {SATB} 

One Thing Have I Desired *Scripture* {SATB} Purchase here at:
Our Lamb Is Born *Christmas* {SATB} 

Prayer And Answer *Prayer* {SATB} Purchase here at:
Run To The Manger *Christmas* {Children} 

Sanctus And Alleluia (from The Life Of Christ #1) {SATB} 

Set Me As A Seal *Love* *Scripture* {SATB} Purchase here at:
Sing Our Praise To God *Spirituals* {SATB} Purchase here at:
Sing To God Our Savior *Spirituals* {SATB} 

Sing To The Lord A New Song *Scripture

Soon One Day *Spirituals* {SATB} Purchase here at:
Soon One Day *Spirituals* {TTBB} Purchase here at:
Standing In The Need Of Prayer *Prayer* *Spirituals* {TTBB} 

Sweet Little Jesus *Christmas* {unison/2-part Children} 

Swing Low (arranged) *Spirituals* {Children} 

Thanks Be To Jesus *General* {SATB}
That Name Of Jesus *Spirituals* {SATB}
The Angel Chorus *Christmas* {SATB} 

The Angels And The Shepherds *Christmas* *Spirituals* {SATB} 

The Blessed Hope (arranged) *Spirituals* {SATB} 

The Giving Of The Decalogue *Scripture* {SATB}
The Great Commission (from The Life Of Christ #15) {SATB}
The Lord Bless You *Service* {SATB} 

The Lord Is My Shepherd *Scripture* {SATB} 

The Lord Shall Bless You Out Of Zion *Scripture* *Service* {SATB} 

The Lord’s Prayer (from The Life Of Christ #7) {SATB}
The Star Spangled Banner *General* {TTBBB}
Walkin’ On The Sea Of Glass *Spirituals* {SATB} 

We’re Going Home *General* {SATB} Purchase here’reGoingHome
When He Shall Appear *Scripture* {2-part}